4 Ways a Pet Door Can Enhance the Life of Your Dog

PetDoor To Enhance Your Pets Life


You know the look: ears up, tail wagging, longing look in the eyes, perhaps accompanied by a slight whimper or a clipped, attention-getting bark. Maybe you’re working, or putting the kids to bed, or not even home at all. Regardless, the result is the same—the dog needs to go outside, and you’re not in a position to let it out.

It’s hardly an ideal situation, either for you or your furry friend. It can lead to accidents or poor behavior, potentially straining the relationship between you and your pet. It can lead to a pet being left outside for too long, where they’re subject to insects, heat, and other hazards of the environment. And it can turn into a constant annoyance, a cycle of letting out and letting in that’s frustrating for both pet and person alike.

There’s a solution: a pet door like the PetDoor product that’s custom-built into an existing glass sliding door. Consider this:

  1. It Provides Freedom for You and Spot

That means no more of your pup or kitty whimpering by the door, no more stopping what you’re doing to let them out, no more worries about accidents.

“Without making them wait, they can come and go freely,” says Melissa Ellis, marketing director at High West Siding and Windows , which offers a variety of products to help your dog make the most of its time outside.

PetDoor To Enhance Your Pets Life

  1. It Works Great in Sunrooms

High West is no stranger to clients asking for accommodations for their pets, whether it’s a patio cover for a dog or a sunroom for a family with several cats. For residents looking to best manage Colorado’s warm summers and snowy winters, sunrooms have become a popular addition. They allow in light and fresh air while still offering protection from the elements.

Sunrooms are also trendy among pet owners, who like that their dog or cat can lounge in warm, sunny spots without having to go outside. Adding a sunroom with the convenience of a PetDoor offers the ideal combination for man and beast alike. Who wouldn’t want to add a PetDoor To Enhance Your Pets Life?

“Sunrooms allow pets to get sunlight and air without owners having to worry about bugs or their pets running off,” Ellis says. “They can lounge comfortably, and they’re safe. You don’t have to worry about anything. And if they have to go out, they can go right out and come right in and lay right back down again.”

  1. It Improves Health and Safety

It’s not just a matter of convenience—some experts believe the presence of a product like PetDoor can enhance the life of cats and dogs alike by giving them greater freedom to explore their surroundings. There’s also a safety element, given that pet doors allow pets to come inside when they’re hot or thirsty, as opposed to them sitting outside waiting to be let back in. And dogs left outside for too long can be subject to dehydration or insects like ticks that can be harmful to their health.

  1. It’s So Easy to Install

Adding a PetDoor requires only measurements of the sliding glass door and the pet, and installation can be completed in as little as a half-hour, Ellis says. Custom built with a welded vinyl frame and hardy Endura flap, the PetDoor also comes with an insert that allows it to be sealed and locked in inclement weather or other circumstances where the pet can’t be let outside.

Otherwise, “the dog can come and go as they please,” Ellis says. The result is a healthier relationship with your pet, less stress on the dog—and no more of that look whenever he needs to go do business outside.

PetDoor To Enhance Your Pets Life

Interested in adding a PetDoor To Enhance Your Pets Life, perhaps in combination with a sunroom, that can improve the life of both you and your pet? Contact High West Siding and Windows at (719) 522-0561, or visit their website at HighWestSiding.com.  You can even visit our PetDoor album on Facebook here.