About Our Home Remodeling Services

From Our Owner

“I’m third-generation contractor. Building things right has been our family tradition for more than 50 years. I actually fell into it because it was something that I learned as a child, and when I moved away from my hometown, it stuck with me, and I kept going and opened my own business.

“What I like most about our work is dealing with good, honest people, providing hard-working and honest craftsmen with jobs, and giving the best possible service to our customers. What I see for the company in the future is to service as many customers as we can, in the most professional manner, and to help everyone in our community.”

Highly Professional & Certified

Because we offer such high levels of professionalism and superior craftsmanship, we’re able to spend time caring for our customers. We want to take care of you better than we take care of ourselves. Our level of sophisticated service is powered by a wealth of certifications and training proficiencies, including:

  • GAF Certified Roofing Contractor
  • OSHA Safety Training Certified
  • Mastic Elite Contractor
  • Lead Certification
  • BSI™ Certified

Green Construction Company

Construction projects can be a mess, and often disreputable companies don’t dispose of their waste properly. Not only do we take care of things right, but we’re a green-conscious company. We recycle all of our in-office materials and all construction materials not used on projects.