TruLog siding is the most realistic looking, AMERICAN MADE,  ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY steel log siding on the market today featuring patented hew line and chink line technology that no one else can offer you. The patented technology gives your home that authentic log cabin look but without the maintenance. If there is dirt or some dust on the siding, you can wash it off with your garden hose.

TruLog siding will not rust, corrode, or “bleed” thanks to the coil being coated with a metal alloy; Galvalume ®. This metal alloy will protect the siding from rust, the elements, and fire. It will even withstand heavy wind gusts, as well as extreme HOT and COLD temperatures!! 



Log homes made of wood or concrete have that authentic look, but they require lots of maintenance at least every 2-3 years. Not only does this routine maintenance cost several thousands of dollars, but the upkeep is also very time consuming.  Wouldn’t you rather spend that time doing something fun with your family?

Wood requires so much maintenance. Staining, sealing, and the replacement of any cracked or damaged chinking due to bugs, rotting, and other elements must be done every 2-3 years. This steel log siding is finished with a rugged, durable coating and DuPont™ Teflon® surface protector that resists fading, scratches, and other types of wear. 

Similarly, concrete faux-log siding can last a long time, but only if it is vigilantly sealed every year to keep water out of cracks. Once the water gets between those cracks, it freezes and expands, which can cause significant damage to the concrete and the appearance of the home.

Vinyl log siding is one of the cheapest sidings, but its durability and longevity is very limited. It tends to warp, crack, or dislodge from the side of the home due to high wind, temperature swings, hail, and other weather events. It is also highly susceptible to fading, so it’s difficult to keep your home’s exterior looking new and vibrant.

As your family stretches out in front of a cozy fireplace or spends a long summer evening in front of your rustic family home, you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort and appeal of your surroundings while leaving behind maintenance-related worries. 

TruLog™ steel log siding provides the authentic log home look while offering the following advantages over wood and other types of siding:

  • No staining or painting needed
  • No cracked chinking
  • No fading
  • No rotting wood
  • No log replacement
  • No insect infestations because of wood

Compared to vinyl, timber, and concrete, steel log siding is one of the most durable home exterior materials. The log siding durability of TruLog™ steel siding is due to the following specs:

  • Heavy, 28-gauge steel
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Rot-proof
  • Dent-preventing foam backer
  • Fade and scratch-resistant surface protector
  • UV-resistant paint

These heavy duty features are part of the reason we are confident in the durability, longevity, and performance of TruLog Siding.  TruLog is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.