What Is The Onyx Collection?

The Onyx Collection was founded in 1985, which should be your first clue that you are in the right place. They are a leading manufacturer of solid surface bathroom products, and they offer solutions that have been developed for years. You can then get the best materials and bathroom options that make your bathroom the most efficient it could be. 



The Onyx Collection offers both standard and custom options across the entire product line, giving consumers the chance to choose from a huge range of styles and solutions. They offer a forever warranty for all customers. Products from this collection are built to last and they are guaranteed for life for that reason. If the product you buy from The Onyx Collection fails, they will replace it for free, or they will refund the cost. The Onyx Collection is the company that will ensure that you have the total peace of mind that your bathroom is going to be able to stand the test of time.


Onyx Collection Showers



The Onyx Collection offers more bathroom shower bases, and shower pans as “standard size” than anyone else! Choose from 51 different sizes and styles: rectangular, neo-angle, handicap easy access, and tub-replacement shower bases or shower pans.



If none of our 51 standard size bathroom shower bases, or shower pans fit your bath design, the Onyx Collection can design and build a custom shower base, shower pan, and walls for your bathroom, including handicap easy access showers and steam showers. If you can draw, describe, or template it, we can build it for your bathroom remodeling needs! Check out the Onyx Shower Gallery Here.


Onyx Bathroom Accessories 

Onyx Collection also offers a wide variety of bathroom accessories such as shower caddies, shower seats, towel and grab bars, shower curtain rods, toilet holders and other Onyx bathroom products to keep your bathing sanctuary functional, neat and organized. They also come in an assortment of sizes and colors to match your bathroom interior.



The Onyx Collection offers various sizes and styles of bathroom shower soap or shampoo caddies, as well as 4 standard-sized shower seats. For custom-sized shower seats, see Custom Slabs.

The Onyx Collection straight trim comes in many sizes widths and lengths and is often used as window sills or floorboards. Accent your bathroom with matching trim, including corner trim, crown molding, chair rail, baseboard, window and door casing, flat trim, tile trim, and other molded trim styles.


More Customizations

The Onyx Collection offers a wide variety of customizations for your bathroom. One of the most popular is the Custom Inlays that can be added to your shower walls, sink and tub basins. Inlay picture graphics are available to help you turn your cultured Onyx product into a unique work of art.

The art is imbedded according to your specifications in most of the products. Please note Inlay graphics CANNOT be put on Textured Finished Products. You can use any of the Onyx provided graphics, or you can special order your own CUSTOM graphic. Company Logos, Cattle Brands, Pet Portraits, Personal/Professional Themes, and so much more.

Take a quick peak at some of the Onyx chosen graphics here, or send in a picture of your own!!




The solid surfaces on offer with The Onyx Collection are some of the easiest to clean and the most low maintenance. You can safely clean the solid surfaces with non-abrasive household cleaners. That means that there is no need to spend money on cleaners that are expensive and you can bet they will come up beautifully every time. A simple weekly cleaning is often more than enough to keep a shower looking new. Most household cleaners work well with Onyx. Just be sure that the cleaner is non-abrasive (no grit in the cleaner). A surface protectant (similar to Rain-X on a windshield) will keep water spots and deposits from forming and can make cleaning an Onyx shower even easier.

Frequently used cleaners include White Vinegar, Eliminate Shower Tub & Tile Cleaner, CLR Kitchen & Bath, Kaboom, Scrubbing bubbles, Clorox (cleaners or wipes), Lysol, Clean Shower-Daily Shower Cleaner. The simplest option is white vinegar – a natural cleaner that works well. White vinegar often works the best when faced with hard water/soap film deposits. Use straight white vinegar with a sponge or a nylon/plastic bristle scrub brush. For extreme situations with stubborn mineral or soap buildup, try soaking a paper towel or two in straight white vinegar and then laying it on the affected area. After about 30 minutes, use your scrub brush to break down and remove any excess build-up. It may take a couple of these treatments when hard water buildup is thick.



If there is one thing that The Onyx Collection is proud of, it’s the ability to provide accessibility products. You might want to remain in your home for the rest of your life, which means that there is every chance that you will need accessibility products. With the help of The Onyx Collection, you can equip your bathroom with the right grab bars, shower seats and slip-resistant base pans to ensure your health and help as you get older. You want your bathroom to feature things that keep you safe and maintain accessibility, and the curbless showers are one of the things that you can add to the bathroom to help you to age in place safely.




This statement is on every product we manufacture. It is a simple, clear guarantee, and everyone associated with our business understands it. If our product ever fails, we will either provide you with a new item or refund the cost. “Yes, Guaranteed Forever” says it all.

If you have a question, problem, or suggestion, please call us at 1-800-ONYXTOP (1-800-669-9867). We do our best to correct a problem to your satisfaction.