Over 70 years of right solutions.

When shopping for new or replacement windows, the choices can be daunting. We understand the uncertainty, so we present to you a simple promise: with Quaker® residential products, you will have all the tools to make the best window investment possible.

Old-world craft, modern technology

The Quaker® Brighton™ series is an artisanal dream. The cozy interior experience that Brighton provides is due to specially treated radiata pine interior, with a robust architectural aluminum exterior for protection from the elements. This special series is made with up to 40% more wood material compared to leading competitive brands. Brighton windows and doors provide a beautiful, warm look while also being durable and thermally efficient.


Superior Structural Performance

Durable, long-lasting windows.

Brighton windows have 40% more wood than competitors’ products, making them durable for long-term use.

Beautiful appearance.

The wood interiors of Brighton windows give a cozy, natural feel while the aluminum exterior framing provides a smart, attractive façade that complements your home.

Great insulating value.

Brighton wood-clad windows benefit from the natural thermal benefits of pine with a thermally broken design aluminum exterior.

All Quaker Brighton products come with superior components.

  • Premium wood interior with extruded aluminum exterior
  • Powder coated on aluminum exterior surface
  • Premium architectural-grade hardware
  • Muntin bars and simulated divided lites (SDL)
  • Premium aluminum or BetterVue® screens   


  •  Custom Paint Finish
  • Primed (ready for painting)
  • AAMA 615 (Organic Coating) to meet the most demanding environments 


Quaker Windows offers two types of grids: interior muntins and exterior grids combined with an interior shadow bar which creates simulated divided lites (SDLs). The interior muntins are placed inside the airspace between two panes of glass. This type of muntin can be formed into almost any grid style, including radius designs. Muntins are a great option, because they are inside the glass and are dust and maintenance free.