It’s The Perfect Place For a Cup

If you live in Colorado then you’ve heard people say that we get 300+ days of sunshine per year, and while that’s more folklore than fact, it sure seems like it’s true. That’s why, if you’ve just purchased a home, don’t worry about remodeling that wood-paneled bathroom in the basement or refurbishing the hardwood floors. Go for a sunroom instead.

They really are one of a home’s most overlooked luxuries, and coax you into healthier habits. For example, in a sunroom, you may choose to read the paper or books over perusing Facebook, do yoga in there, socialize, drink more tea, and if you suffer from SAD you’ll have a room that’s actually dedicated to treating your condition.

Okay, I know SAD is a wintertime deal, and you’re probably thinking that Colorado is much too cold to spend time in the sunroom, but you might be surprised what a few hours of direct sunlight (and no wind) can do! Or perhaps you really like watching the snow fall, why not make some hot cocoa and take it in?

The only question is, how do you go about getting a sunroom added on to your house? Well, there are kits you can buy, but if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right and have it match the rest of the house.

 Unlike other rooms, sunrooms can be a bit tricky since there’s so much window space — and let’s face it, the windows make a sunroom! So it only makes sense to start with your window, people.