Get a Head Start on Summer! Things to Know About Patio Covers


Considering a patio cover this year? Here are a few important things to know.

The weather outside might not be warm and sunny just yet, but it’s actually the ideal
time to plan for outdoor living in the months to come—a beautiful new patio cover that
your whole family can enjoy. If you’ve been thinking about a patio cover for your outdoor
space, now is the time to talk it over with the professionals and start the process so your
new addition is ready by the time spring arrives. 

Understand why DIY isn’t the Best Option

You might wonder why call professionals to cover up your patio when so many “do it
yourself” options exist right down the road at the home improvement store. The simple
reason is the material—DIY kits from the store might be tempting, but they’re made with materials that won’t stand up to weather elements, especially here in Colorado. 

“Not only will a professionally installed
patio cover withstand the elements,
it generally comes with a lifetime
warranty on maintenance for the future,”
said Melissa Ellis, marketing manager
for High West Siding and Windows.


Start the Process Right Away

Have you been procrastinating on a patio cover even though you and your
family really want one? There’s no time like the present, even if it’s still winter. In fact, this is the best time of the year to get started!

                Consider these reasons:

  1. Custom building takes a while.
    Patio covers that are custom-built for your family from the fabric down to the pattern take a while to create. If you call a professional installer such as High West Siding and Windows, your order initially goes to a manufacturer who has other orders to fulfill.
  2. Getting permits can be time consuming.
    Did you know your city or town has to approve building a cover on your patio? It’s true – and it could take weeks, even months, to process the permit for building. If your family lives in a neighborhood with an HOA, 
    homeowners’ association, getting HOA approval is another obstacle.
  3. Wintry weather can cause delays.
    Wintry weather can cause delays in building a patio cover. Contractors who are building the cover often have to dig their progress out from under snowfall, causing things to take longer than expected.


Know the Covers

There are different types and styles of patio covers. Learn what the main
ones are before you decide on the right one for your family.

Hard Patio Cover
Because of the unpredictable weather
in the state of Colorado, hard patio covers are popular, according to Ellis. A hard cover
attaches to your home just like another roof and protects well from any weather

Cloth Patio Cover
A cloth patio cover also attaches to the roof of the home and provides shade and
protection. Cloth covers come in a variety of colors and patterns.

A pergola goes over a patio just like a hardcover or cloth cover, but slats at the top let
the sunlight through. For those who want a pergola, modifications exist. Some
families add a piece of cloth beneath the roof to act as a “curtain,” and others install an operable pergola with slats that open or close for versatility.