The Outside Company

Embrace your Outside Side and bring your outdoor space to life – however you envision it. 

Your home is more than just a space. It’s where you raise your family. It’s where friends gather, and seasons come and go. It is a living, breathing picture of your life. With the diverse and flexible range of outdoor living solutions, Barrette Outdoor Living can help bring any vision to life. 

Get outside and live your BEST life

We realize that inside of each of us, there is an Outside Side – a side begging to get out there, to be outgoing, to break out of our same old inside routines and to outdo ourselves with our outdoor space. Barrette Outdoor Living products can help your Outside Side run free with products that consistently beckon you out there. Barrette strives to be the best product design and innovation, inspired by those who work with and for us to create superior outdoor living solutions homeowners demand. At their core is a place where integrity, ingenuity and skill meet. 


Barrette Products Include:



Leading the way
Industry leader in design and innovation, creating quality products that enhance people’s lives and outdoor experiences.
Crafting quality
State-of-the-art machinery and industry-leading standards ensure our products are meticulously engineered and assembled with care in the USA.
Making it right
Providing superior customer service, our experienced on-site teams can answer any question and resolve any issue — should one arise.
Being responsible
Committed to being a global environmental steward through the products we produce and the sustainability practices we follow.